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A site template is a git repo that contains scripts and files for setting up a VVV site automatically.

Using a Site Template

To use a site template, add a repo: field to a site with the URL of a git repository. VVV uses key forwarding, which allows private repositories to be used via SSH. VVV will do a git clone, and git pulls, then run provisioning files to set that site up. This can be used to install WordPress, themes, and plugins, SQL imports, etc. It could even be used for non-WordPress sites.

Most VVV sites use the custom site template repository, which also acts as a reference implementation.

The Provision Folder

When setting up a site, VVV looks for several files in the provision subfolder in the following order:

Because vvv-init.sh is loaded first, it can be used to create the other files. An optional vvv-hosts file can be used, and is maintained for backwards compatibility with sites created for VVV v1.x.


This file is a shell script that sets up the site. This is an opportunity to download software, configure, and install, or update.

Read about vvv-init.sh


This is the Nginx configuration for this site, that gets installed by VVV. It is copied into place on provision.

For more information about Nginx and VVV, read the Nginx Configs page.

Always Reprovision on Changes

Modifying a sites provisioner files, or config/config.yml, requires a reprovision to take effect. To do this run: vagrant up --provision