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What are the Default Sites?

VVV creates and sets up several WordPress installs for you automatically, these are:

You can see these in your VVV config, allowing you to make new sites, or remove the built in sites if you so choose.

VVV as a MAMP/XAMPP Replacement

Multiple projects can be developed at once in the same environment. You can reuse the one.wordpress.test site by putting your themes and plugins in the www/wordpress-one/public_html/wp-content folder.

Or, you can create as many new sites as you want by taking advantage of VVV’s auto site configuration to provision additional instances of WordPress in www/ ( see the adding a new site chapter ).

VVV’s config, database, log and www directories are shared with the virtualized server.

These shared directories allow you to work, for example, in vvv-local/www/wordpress-one in your local file system, and have those changes immediately reflected in the virtualized server’s file system and http://one.wordpress.test/. Likewise, if you vagrant ssh and make modifications to the files in /srv/www/, you’ll immediately see those changes in your local file system.