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Default Database Users

All sites provisioned via the custom site templates use the wp user by default:

Field Value
username wp
password wp

If you manually create a database via the root MySQL user in PHPMyAdmin or by other means, you will need to grant the wp user access to that database. A custom site template will do this for you automatically.

The MariaDB root user should have the following credentials:

Field Value
username root
password root

However, the root user password may need to be set. To do this, SSH into the VM with vagrant ssh and run sudo mysqladmin -u root password root. If this doesn’t work you will need to follow the standard MariaDB instructions for resetting the root password.

If you’re using the root user to create a database for a WordPress installation, it’s easier to use the custom site template which will create the database for you.

External Client Connections

For external MySQL clients you need to use the external user:

Field Value
host vvv.test
username external
password external

See: Connecting to MariaDB/MySQL from your local machine for more information

Default WordPress Login

By default, the site templates use the following username and password unless specified:

Field Value
username admin
password password

The Root User

Vagrant Box Ubuntu Root:

Field Value
username root
password vagrant

Note that it is not possible to SSH directly into the VM as root for security reasons. If you need to run commands as root, either use sudo or sudo su, both of which do not require a password when ran as the vagrant user


You can SSH into the VM via the vagrant user with the command vagrant ssh. Running vagrant ssh-config will dump out an SSH config you can use to SSH directly into that VM without use of the vagrant command.

Otherwise it is enough to run this command:

ssh vagrant@vvv.test
Field Value
host vvv.test
username vagrant

Note that no password is used.


SFTP uses the same details as SSH, but, keep in mind that all these folders are available on your filesystem.

Using SFTP to modify files is slower, and would likely result in you replacing a file with itself making no meaningful change. The www folder and the /srv/www folders are the same folder, not clones/duplicates. It’s expected that the www folder would contain the local copy you intend to upload from. If this is not the case, I recommend looking into the vm_dir and local_dir options for defining sites.