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A site in a non-standard folder can still be used via the vm_dir and local_dir keys. local_dir tells VVV where the site is located on the host machine, and vm_dir tells VVV where the site is located inside the Virtual machine.

For example, if we put our test sites in a subfolder, we can specify each site like this in the sites section:

  vm_dir: /srv/www/test-sites/test-site-1
  local_dir: www/test-sites/test-site-1

  vm_dir: /srv/www/test-sites/test-site-2
  local_dir: www/test-sites/test-site-2

In the above example, the vm_dir and local_dir point to the same folder (vm_dir needs to be an absolute path), however, this doesn’t have to be the case.

In this example, VVV is told to use a site stored outside of the main VVV folder, and mapped to an absolute path in the virtual machine:

  vm_dir: /srv/www/example-site
  local_dir: /Users/janesmith/Documents/example-site