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VVV requires recent versions of Vagrant, git and VirtualBox to be installed, along with some vagrant plugins.

Software Requirements

First make sure you have all the necessary software installed for VVV to run:

Vagrant Git

You will also need a virtual machine provider, such as VirtualBox/Parallels Pro/Hyper-V/Docker.

* On Windows, if you have Docker installed then VirtualBox should be substituted for Hyper-V. Hyper-V provides better performance and reliability.

Reboot your computer after installing the above software.

Hardware Requirements

  Minimum Recommended Notes
RAM 4GB 8GB+ The RAM given to the VM can be changed as low as 1GB in the config, but you still need memory for the browser and OS.
WordPress Core needs at least 6GB of RAM.
CPU Cores 2 2+ VVV asks for 2 CPU cores in the config, but more cores can speed up provisioning.
BIOS Virtualisation* on   On Intel machines this is called Intel VT-x, and AMD calls it AMD-V. For some reason, some Laptop makers turn this off by default. Macs have it turned on out of the box.
Free Disk Space 2GB 4GB+ All those sites take up space, make sure you have enough room
Disk Type HD SSD Mechanical spinning drives will be very slow, we strongly recommend faster solid state drives for VMs.

Note that running VVV on network shares or on a USB flash drive will be extremely unreliable, and is not supported.

* Refer to your machines manufacturer for how to access your BIOS. This article may be helpful for enabling Intel VT-x