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Using a GUI

This documentation assumes some very basic terminal/command line knowledge to run simple commands. However, some people prefer the convenience of a visual UI. If you fall into this category then consider the Vagrant Manager project.

Note: Until you provision VVV for the first time, Vagrant Manager will not pick up VVV. Running vagrant up --provision inside the VVV folder and allowing it to successfully finish should be enough.

Turning VVV On

vagrant up

Turning VVV Off

vagrant halt

This will shut down the virtual machine. If the machine is frozen for whatever reason, add the ` –force` parameter. If it still refuses to power off, open VirtualBox and manually power the VM off.

Restarting VVV

vagrant reload

This will do a restart of the Virtual Machine, and is the same as running vagrant halt; vagrant up

Reloading vvv-custom.yml

If you make any changes to your config file, they won’t take immediate effect. For changes to take hold, restart VVV using vagrant reload --provision