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Contributing to WordPress Core

If you wish to test the bleeding edge or contribute to future versions of WordPress core, you can use the custom-site-template-develop site template. Visit the github readme for the custom site template develop to see more information about parameters and options, including examples.

Note: For everyday client work, such as plugin or theme development, use a normal site template. This template is for contributor days, and testing/patching WordPress itself

The default VVV config comes with a disabled site that uses this template, just change skip_provisioning: true to skip_provisioning: false, then reprovision VVV.

Contributing to WordPress Meta

There is a meta environment maintained by the WordPress team, it provides a way to work with:

It also provides some starting content. To enable it, set skip_provisioning: false on wordpress-meta-environment in your config file and reprovision. If it isn’t present, you can copy it from the default config file. For more information visit the meta-environment github repository.