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By default, VVV copies a vvv-nginx.conf file into place. The site templates create this by modifying a vvv-nginx-default.conf file and renaming it. If you want to use a custom nginx file, create a vvv-nginx-custom.conf file and this will be used instead.

This is useful if you wish to implement or change Nginx rules. For example, using a subdirectory installation of WordPress.

It may also be necessary to replace the nginx wp common rules. VVV does this using an include statement, but you could replace this with the contents of that file. It can be found in config/nginx-config/nginx-wp-common.conf. Note that VVV will only copy the final Nginx config file, it won’t copy over includes.

VVV Nginx Substitutions

When processing site Nginx files VVV will perform some substitutions before installing the config. These are wrapped in squigly brackets { and }, for example:

  root {vvv_path_to_site}/public_html;

Here’s a list:

Site Template Substitutions

Site templates might add new substitutions. For example the custom site template adds ``. These are implemented using sed inside the site provisioner script. For details of these extra options, check the site template provisioner readme.