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You have 3 options:

Skip Provisioning

By setting skip_provisioning to true in vvv-custom.yml, VVV will pretend the site does not exist. It will not attempt to provision the site, set up its hosts, etc.

This is very useful if you want to disable a site to speed up provisioning, or because you aren’t working on it, while preserving the ability to come back to it at a later date.

For example:

    skip_provisioning: true
      - local.wordpress.test

Remember that you need to reprovision VVV when changing this. The site will also be listed on the dashboard at vvv.test but will be listed as skipped.

Changing the value back to false and reprovisioning will reactivate the site

Commenting Out The Site

You can comment out the site in the config file, but this is no different to using skip_provisioning. Additionally, the site will no longer be listed on the dashboard at vvv.test.


#  wordpress-default:
#    repo:
#    skip_provisioning: false
#    hosts:
#      - local.wordpress.test

Removing A Site Completely

There are multiple steps to doing this:

Reprovisioning will remove host entries and Nginx config files

### Why not Automatically Remove Sites?

We could auto-remove sites when they’re removed from vvv-custom.yml, but this leads to several problems:

For these reasons, site removal is a manual process, as this ensures it’s intentional, and prevents accidental deletion.