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The VVV core project and its individual modules, collectively organized as Varying Vagrant Vagrants (VVV), are governed with a benevolent dictator governance model.

In general, this means that VVV is maintained by a community of active contributors. Most decisions are made in this context and contributions are always welcome. The project lead performs a role of project leadership and architectural oversight.

VVV is copyright the contributors of the VVV project under the MIT License. A guide to contributing is also available.

Roles and Responsibilities

Project Lead

The project lead is trusted to set an overall strategic direction and, as necessary, to provide a final say in any arguments or disputes. They have full access to repositories, servers, and other services associated with project management. With the input of lead developers, they coordinate project maintenance and assign roles within the community.

Current project lead:

The current project lead assumed the role as founder of the project. When they transition out of the project lead role, a steering committee will be formed of trusted stakeholders and community members. This committee will select a new project lead or leads. When this committee is formed, 10up will be offered at least one seat on that group.

Lead Developers

Lead developers are trusted to make changes to all project code by merging their own pull requests and the pull requests of contributors. They have full access to all project repositories. They have the authority and ability to close issues and pull requests. As necessary, they will help in providing guidance to new contributors and committers.

Current lead developers:

Lead developers are selected by the project lead.


Committers are trusted to make changes to project code by merging the pull requests of contributors. They have push access to one or more project repositories. They have the authority and ability to close issues and pull requests. Pull requests submitted by committers should be reviewed by another committer before merge. As necessary, they will help in providing guidance to new contributors.

Current committers:

Committers emeritus:

Contributors who show good judgement may be selected as committers for one or more project repositories. The decision to promote a contributor to a committer will be made by consensus between the project lead and lead developers. This decision should be based on meritocratic criteria including, but not limited to, consistent and quality pull requests, bug gardening, support answers, and general community participation.


Contributors are vital to the success of open source software. VVV is fortunate to have a large community of contributors that have provided support in one way or another over the last several years. Please see the contributing guide for information on how you can become a contributor.

A list of people who have contributed code to VVV is maintained by GitHub.

Project Founders

VVV is a 10up creation. Jeremy Felt is the founding developer. VVV transitioned to a community organization in 2014. The first draft of VVV was released on December 11, 2012.

Project Administration

GitHub organization

The Varying Vagrant Vagrants GitHub organization is owned by Jeremy Felt in that it’s his email address that is assigned as the “Billing email”. Lorelei Aurora’s membership level is also set to “Owner”. All lead developers and committers have permissions to create new repositories. The organization is currently configured under the free plan and there are no private repositories.

VVV Website

The VVV website is located at https://varyingvagrantvagrants.org.

Domain name

The varyingvagrantvagrants.org and varyingvagrantvagrants.com domains are owned by Jeremy Felt.


The varyingvagrantvagrants.org domain is assigned to a virtual machine, hosted with Linode. That server is managed and paid for by Jeremy Felt.

S3 account

Documentation from VVV’s repositories is deployed directly to an S3 bucket. That bucket is managed and paid for by Jeremy Felt.