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VVV has different utilities available for developers, one of them is Tideways (open source version) that is an optional tool, here’s what their website has to say about it’s features:

Tideways saves you time by taking the guesswork out of your app’s backend performance. Gain detailed insights, spot performance bottlenecks, and get real-time error detection alerts.


Tideways is a PHP module for PHP 7.0+ that enable to profile everything happened in the page.
To use it is required to execute specific PHP code that gather this data and also visualize them.
We added XHGui that is a graphical interface for Tideways that is a complete tool to analyze this data.

How to enable it

XHGui need a php file that is prepended to all of them (by a global php config) to turn on the profiling and save this information.
XHGui will be executed in headless mode ff Tideways is available for the PHP version used in the website that you are profiling.
To profile a page add ?enable-tideways to your URL and check to xhgui.vvv.test the result from profile.

Our custom implementation

To improve the data quality we added the support to not execute Query Monitor plugin when Tideways is enabled.
Also we implemented the support for a custom PHP custom-header.php file in VVV/www/default/xhgui/config that will be prepended in case it is avalaible.
We added the support for a custom config file that can change the values of XHGui that will be merged with the VVV default.


There are already a lot of guides about XHGui: