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This page lists all the PHP Modules bundled with VVV.

PHP & all modules listed below are installed from this PPA maintained by Ondřej Surý

Module Provided By Package
bcmath php7.0-bcmath
calendar php7.0-common
cgi-fcgi php7.0-fpm
Core php7.0-common
ctype php7.0-common
curl php7.0-curl
date php7.0-common
dom php7.0-xml
exif php7.0-common
fileinfo php7.0-common
filter php7.0-common
ftp php7.0-common
gd php7.0-gd
gettext php7.0-common
hash php7.0-common
iconv php7.0-common
imagick php-imagick
imap php7.0-imap
json php7.0-json
libxml php7.0-common
mbstring php7.0-mbstring
mcrypt php7.0-mcrypt
memcache php-memcache
mysqli php7.0-mysql
mysqlnd php7.0-mysql
openssl php7.0-common
pcre php7.0-common
PDO php7.0-common
pdo_mysql php7.0-mysql
Phar php7.0-common
posix php7.0-common
readline php7.0-readline
Reflection php7.0-common
session php7.0-common
shmop php7.0-common
SimpleXML php7.0-xml
soap php7.0-soap
sockets php7.0-common
SPL php7.0-common
ssh2 php-ssh2
standard php7.0-common
sysvmsg php7.0-common
sysvsem php7.0-common
sysvshm php7.0-common
tokenizer php7.0-common
wddx php7.0-xml
xml php7.0-xml
xmlreader php7.0-xml
xmlwriter php7.0-xml
xsl php7.0-xml
Zend OPcache php7.0-opcache
zip php7.0-zip
zlib php7.0-common