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We’ve been hard at work and have released (v3.4.1. The develop branch has now moved to 3.5.0 in preparation for a 3.5.1 release in several months time

Before we continue, here’s a recap of what changed in 3.3:


This release contains a number improvements to terminal output, logging, and bugfixes. We also made a lot of small internal improvements to provisioners to improve reliability in edge cases.


Bug Fixes

Check out the changelog for more details on what changed in VVV 3.4

Provisioners and Utilities

Our utilities and site templates run on a continuous release process. Here’s a quick update of what changed since VVV 3.3.0.


Check the readme for all the features!


Check the readme for all the features!



VVV Slack

We have a Slack Workspace! This is a great place to get help/support, ask quick questions, or watch VVV being developed. (Find out more about the VVV Slack.