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Well hello. We’re finally here.

After a long 9 months of waiting, it’s a happy moment to push a tagged 1.2.0 release of Varying Vagrant Vagrants.

A full list of changes is available in the changelog. Here are some important ones.

First, VVV is now MIT Licensed. This is a big deal and we waited entirely too long as an open source project before choosing one. In fact, you could say we weren’t really an open source project at all until that point. Many many thanks to the near 50 contributors who were there to confirm their previous contributions as MIT so that we could proceed.

If there’s any lesson I learned from this, it’s to start with a license before anything else.

Ok, next. In new instances of VVV 1.2.0, database files are no longer mapped to a persistent local location. The database is entirely contained inside the virtual machine. What does this mean?

Somewhat more impactful is the change in operating system from Ubunto 12.04 LTS 32bit to 14.04 LTS 64bit. To upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2.0, a full vagrant destroy is likely necessary for best results. As mentioned above, your database data will be remain as it only becomes non-persistent on new instances of VVV and by choice on upgrade.

And other changes of note:

And now the future! We have plenty of open issues and many goals to keep us busy, and I’m always interested in hearing new ideas for how VVV can best be used. Here’s what’s on the front burner.

That’s it, go get VVV 1.2.0 and have some fun. Thank you so much to the many, many contributors that have made VVV what it is today. And stop in with any questions, all are welcome!