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Hi! Welcome to the very late release post for VVV v2.4 and v2.5. For help updating, see the documentation on keeping VVV up to date.

Here’s what’s happening…

Notable Changes in 2.4

Both versions focused on optimising the provisioning process further, 2.4 continues this by only provisioning hosts for active sites.

2.4 also allowed Utilities to add their own Nginx configs, and renamed the sites that come bundled with VVV by default. 2.4 also fixed some logging issues with PHP. Otherwise v2.4 was a short release that focused on cleaning up messaging.

Notable Changes in v2.5

2.5 made a number of provisioning improvements and general updates:

A Reminder, Uninstall Vagrant Triggers and upgrade Vagrant to 2.2.4+

At the time of writing the latest Vagrant version is 2.2.4, we strongly recommend updating. The Vagrant triggers plugin is also no longer required, as it was merged into Vagrant 2.1.


This does mean that users with the triggers plugin installed will get a warning when using vagrant commands. Read the warning for a parameter that can be added to silence the warning if you still need vagrant triggers for pre-2.1 vagrant environments. Otherwise, uninstall vagrant triggers with the following command:

vagrant plugin uninstall vagrant-triggers

We recommend a minimum of Vagrant 2.2.4, and suggest avoiding v2.1.3 which is known to be a broken Vagrant release.