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Hi! Welcome to the release post for Varying Vagrant Vagrants 2.2.1. For help updating, see the documentation on keeping VVV up to date.

Here’s what’s happening…

Vagrant Triggers and Vagrant 2.1

VVV now requires Vagrant 2.1 to run. The Vagrant triggers plugin is also no longer required, as it was merged into Vagrant 2.1.

This does mean that users with the triggers plugin installed will get a warning when using vagrant commands. Read the warning for a parameter that can be added to silence the warning if you still need vagrant triggers for pre-2.1 vagrant environments. Otherwise, uninstall vagrant triggers with the following command:

vagrant plugin uninstall vagrant-triggers

PHP 7.2

VVV now uses PHP 7.2 by default. See here on how to change a sites PHP version.


Testing with https is an important part of development, so we’ve added a new TLS-CA utility, that comes with new installs by default. This installs a certificate authority just for your machine, letting you test https:// addresses locally.

To use this, add the utility, and reprovision. Then, you need to tell your OS or browser to accept the root certificate for the authority. This tells your computer to trust any certificates it generates, without which you’ll get a warning when visiting sites. This can be found in your VVV folder under certificates/ca/ca.crt.

For more information, see our docs here

Custom Site Template Develop and Deprecations

The wordpress-develop repository has been deprecated! This old site template was hardcoded to a single URL, and had other issues. It’s replaced by custom-site-template-develop, which allows for multiple WP core development environments.

Additionally, the src. subdomain is going away due to changes in the WP core development process.


Logs are now in the /var/log folder, which is mounted on to the log folder in your install. In particular, the default Nginx log, and the MariaDB logs are now in /var/log


Is now a separate git repo! And updates independently of VVV on vagrant provision. You can also override the dashboard in vvv-custom.yml via the dashboard options:

  repo: ....
  branch; ...

Project Notes

We’ve added a new contributor team for testers and reviewers, Benjamin Lu and Daniele Scasciafratte. They’ve been very helpful in issues and testing changes. We’ve also added Tom J Nowell as a lead developer.